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Online Marketing Services

We understand that Social Media is hard to keep up with.

From the ever-changing trends, to the complicated algorithm, and let's not forget the new updates every 8 seconds.

But don't give up just yet! We are here to help!

RK Honey Designs offers a variety of customizable packages that will accommodate your specific needs & fit your look!

Our goal is to make your Insta feed.             & your Facebook go from so, so, to so                   !


What We Offer...

Social Media Management

Working closely with you to help take your online experience to the next level through creativity & consistency.

Texting on Mobile Phone
  • Consistent Stories

  • Engaging Posts

  • Captivating Captions

  • SEO Based Hashtags

  • Trending Audio

  • Customer Relation 


Camera on a tripod

Content Creation

Helping to bring all your dreams, goals, & visions to life through photography & infographics that allow will people to see what you're all about in fun, creative, & efficient ways.

Food Photographer


  • Capturing Ideas 

  • Documenting Progress

  • Showcasing Products 

  • Reel Edits 

  • Editing  

  • Marketing


Home office

Brand Strategy

Sharing information that can allow your brand to become more well-known and help make you and your business for successful. through research, social patterns,, & more! 

  • Color Pallets 

  • Logo Design

  • Content Ideas

  • Basic SEO Education 

  • Slogan Creation

  • Website Design


I love what I do...


Which is why there is no "one size fits all" button.

I want to do my best to work with you in creating a package that

fits your budget while accomplishing what it is you are after!

All plans & packages are customizable and each is designed to

accommodate your specific needs.


Regardless of what your goals are for your social media platforms,

our goal is to help you achieve them!

We want to take time to get to know you, learn about your vision,

and create a personalized plan of action for you!

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