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Image by Steinar Engeland

Looking to make your business stand out online


Ready to make your business stand out online


We’ve got a lot of options for you!

I know that there are a lot of web designers out there, so it means a lot that you’ve taken the time to check out my website! 

If you don’t see what you need, reach out & I will do my very best to create a custom plan just for you & your business!

Image by Kevin Bhagat

$800 per page

Full Custom Wix
Site Design

This includes a fully custom website built from the ground up. Through a simple, short, online questionnaire, I will get a general, but thorough understanding of what you do & why you do it.

This will allow me to build out your website fully & completely to make it practical, functional, & aesthetically pleasing. Most importantly, it will give clear direction to your customers or clients by showing them exactly why they need YOU!

$650 per page

New Custom
Wix Template

This would include working with you to find your style, fonts, design, & constructing a website template that is custom tailored to your liking. This can then be carried into your brand strategy & social media. 

Then you will have access to go in & fill out the sections of your site to add a personal touch.

Organized Desk
Image by charlesdeluvio

$550 per page

Website Makeover
with transfer to Wix

This is for when you already have a website on a different platform, but you are in desperate need of a makeover. I will redesign your current site on Wix & transfer it all over for you in a sleek & professional way. 

$500 per page

Wix Site

This is for when you threw together that Wix website a while ago but didn’t know how to make it pleasing to the eye or functional. I will go into your site, liven it up, & create a site that will look brand new.

Laptop photo composition
Image by Rumman Amin

$120 per page


This is for when you have a website on any platform & you just need a professional's opinion & give you a few pointers on how it could improve. From colors, to fonts, to blurry stock photos, I’ll let you know just how you could improve it on your own. 

Let me help make your website pop!

Are you working late and can't make those edits on your website?

Did you finally want to update your blog after having your baby

but just can't find the time?

Do you tell yourself that you will YouTube "DIY

Web Design"

but feel too overwhelmed?

Don't want to spend $1,000,000,000 on your site?

Have you been trying to get your business off the ground

but don't know a thing about the internet? 

Life's crazy, so let me help make yours a bit easier!
Call me now & lets chat about how I can help you accomplish your goals and expand your business!


What to expect...

1.  Our First Chat

First, well schedule a call to formally introduce ourselves

& make sure we both feel like we are a good fit for each other!

We will discuss expectations, general design ideas, brand photos, & more.

This will be where you can ask any questions that you might have to

ensure that the process goes smoothly moving forward. 

2.  Agreement & Deposit

I will send you over a written agreement that will have the information we discussed on the phone, the scope of work, the payment information , & all other important information listed in it. You can then review, sign, & make your deposit to officially start the process.

What to Expect

3.  Questionnaire

Youll be sent over a link to a private form page on my website where you will be able to answer questions relating to your website design, business, & ideas. This will be a huge help in the design process & will reduce the amount of phone calls, text, & email between us. This will also help my turn around time to be much quicker & you to receive your website much faster!

4.  Vision Boards

Based on your input from the questionnaire you filled out, I will create 2 brief vision boards & send them to you. These will include fonts, color pallets, photos, & more. From here, you will choose the themes you like from each board. These details will go into the design of your website to ensure I am creating the vision you desired. 

5.  Design Your Site

Now is the time!! Once I get your questionnaire back & receive the feedback from the vision boards, I will start creating your one-of-a-kind website that totally screams YOU! 

I will take all the information that we have discussed & build out your website!

6.  Revisions

Once I have built out your full website, I will then send you over a preview to review. Youll be able to request 1 round of revisions. You can make comments of changes youd like made directly on the preview link. Ill make the final edits for you & if you want more revisions, you are welcome to pay an hourly rate or once the site is transferred to you, you have full liberty to make any other updates or changes moving forward. 

7.  Delivery

Its all yours!!! Once all the other steps have been completed & the design process is done, I will send you a PDF with general instructions on how to use your site. This will include your login information, hourly rates, & some other information you might find helpful! At this point, after the transfer, you can choose if you’d like to be the one to click “publish” or if you’d like me to launch your site for you!  WOOHOO!

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