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Our goal is for the Armory to be an anchor for the community, a gathering space that offers people a chance to relax and socialize in a vibrant downtown atmosphere. We want to create jobs, serve great food, and add to the energy of downtown Sonora.

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I attended my first birth at the age of 13. I watched as my little nephew, Brydin, was Brough into this world. Since that moment, I knew that his was my passion. Helping mothers feel confident during their pregnancy and through their birth experience is something I find great joy and purpose in.

Pete and Karen have been long time residents of Tuolumne, California and met while working for the US Forest Service in 1992. With the help of a few well-connected friends in the "wine scene", Pete and Karen decided to start a small wine label called "Inner Sanctum Cellars". Little did they know how popular the brand would become.

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When I was young, I remember playing in my mother’s art studio as she handprinted signs for our local businesses. 

I would look up and see her in the scaffolding with her paint brush, creating strokes on the page to form the giant circus trucks I was so fascinated and admired her work so much, 

and I knew from that moment...

I wanted to be an artist too.

At Crumb Catering & Confections we offer a wide variety of dishes and desserts for any and all of your events. With our wood oven, smoker, barbecue, and passion for variety and ethnic cuisines, the opportunities are endless! 

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